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TOMiGAi Koi Food, manufactured in the USA by Kois & Ponds, is a premium quality Koi food endorsed by Japan’s Koi masters.  Featuring top quality ingredients that mimic the Koi’s natural diet, TOMiGAi is also guaranteed fresh.   It’s no wonder TOMiGAi foods are so highly recommended by experienced hobbyists and professional Koi keepers alike.  Regular feeding of TOMiGAi can result in optimal Koi growth, body conformation, and immunity.    

Ideal for feeding Koi year round, Taberu is the most popular TOMiGAi variety.  Featuring a minimum protein content of 35%, this food produces far less waste compared to competitor offerings offered at far higher prices.  Specifically formulated for championship quality nishikigoi, TOMiGAi Taberu is ranks among the finest Koi diets available.

Ideal for summer use, TOMiGAi Spirula is arguably the best Koi food on the market for achieving vibrant colors in Koi fish.  Boasting 50% protein content, this premium food offering includes spirulina.  This ingredient helps to achieve amazing growth and development, as was proper body shape.  Containing 7% spirulina content, regular feeding of this variant will promote the thickening and brightening of Koi’s natural pattern and color quality.

If you are looking for the best of the best, look no further than TOMiGAi Tategoi.  This variety features 40% protein content and features pure white meal as a primary ingredient.  Specially formulated to enhance the Shiroji of Koi fish, Tategoi also includes kelp (seaweed).  This fish food is arguably the finest available on the market today and widely recommended by top hobbyists who compete in major Koi shows worldwide. 

Thanks to their highly digestible ingredients, most wheat germ Koi foods available today are recommended for cold water feeding only.  TOMiGAi Wheat Germ is recommended for use during the growing season, however.  Featuring a whopping 50% minimum protein content level, this variety helps to promote maximum growth and proper development.  If you have small Koi fish and would like to see them achieve jumbo size in the future, TOMiGAi Wheat Germ Koi Food may be the best choice for you.

As North America’s largest specialty retailer of quality Koi and pond products, we are proud to offer guaranteed best prices on the complete line of quality TOMiGAi Koi Foods.  Buy with confidence thanks to our price-match guarantee and fast, free ground shipping available on selected quantities.  Looking to save even more on products for your pond?  Join our mailing list today and receive exclusive discounts on thousands of pond supplies from today’s leading manufacturers.  Why settle for less?  Save on TOMiGAi Koi Food today!

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